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Driving Our Client’s Digital Growth!

Our innovation-driven technology solutions, are reshaping your enterprise. They amplify your capacity for innovation and fuel digital expansion, empowering you to fulfill business requirements that ensure the longevity and adaptability of your organization.

“With BMK, we have dramatically elevated our efficiency, optimized our process costs, and increased transparency, through the digital transformation of our management workflow systems.”

Jochen Oehler


“We were looking for an off-shore provider who has extensive experience with business process automation. BMK has an outstanding reputation in this area and our digital transformation went like clockwork!”

Jens Melzer

Commercial Director

“BMK is an experienced expert with an innovative mindset that created a cost-effective solution that transformed our existing user-interfaces and experiences with our internal and external partners.”

Hans-Werner Rohrs

Commercial Director

We Partner With You to Drive Real Innovation!

Every interaction with BMK Asia is a significant step to your digital transformation as we embed innovation at the core of your business and scale it across the entire organization. From needs analysis to ideation through to development, implementation, and scale; we provide our full-service technology and business capabilities to our small to medium enterprise, multi-national, and global Fortune 500 company clients.

Innovation-Led Solutions

We digitally transform your business from being “disrupted” to being the “disruptor” by putting innovation at the heart of every technology solution we deliver.

Off-Shore Cost-Effectiveness

Our offshore development and support hub combines innovative technologies, exceptional talent, and intelligent processes that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Enterprise IT solutions

Unlocking Efficiency, Powering Growth

Experience the synergy of innovation and efficiency with our Enterprise IT Solutions. We’re your partners in navigating the complex IT landscape, delivering tailored strategies that optimize your operations, streamline workflows, and fuel accelerated growth. From infrastructure to software, our solutions are designed to empower your enterprise with the tools it needs to conquer challenges and seize opportunities. 

Blockchain solutions

Forging Trust in the Digital Age

Embrace the future with confidence through our Blockchain Solutions. We’re at the forefront of blockchain technology, offering you transformative solutions that enhance transparency, security, and accountability. Whether you’re looking to revolutionize supply chains, streamline financial transactions, or explore new possibilities, our blockchain expertise ensures your journey is marked by trust and innovation. 

Data encryption solutions

Securing Your Digital Assets, Preserving Your Peace of Mind

In a world driven by data, security is paramount. Our Data Encryption Solutions stand as your shield against cyber threats. We employ state-of-the-art encryption methodologies to safeguard your sensitive information from unauthorized access. With a focus on seamless integration and impenetrable protection, we empower you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. 

System performance testing

Unveil the Full Potential of Your Systems

Ensure your systems are ready to conquer any challenge with our System Performance Testing. We subject your applications, networks, and infrastructure to rigorous testing, unveiling insights into their reliability, scalability, and responsiveness. Our in-depth analysis equips you with the information you need to fine-tune your systems for optimal performance, empowering you to deliver seamless experiences to your users. 

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Meet the BMK Leadership Team

Our executive leadership team averages 20 years of experience in the technology industry specializing in the fields of digital transformation, process automation and optimization, innovation and creativity, and breakthrough technologies such as AI and blockchain.

Gerrit Hoppen

Gerrit is the Founder and Managing Director of BMK and a pioneer in the digital transformation and process automation of enterprise-level business functions with over 30 years of expertise and experience.

Julia Sartiono

Julia is the Director and Vice-President of BMK's e-Business overseeing the delivery of our innovative solutions, with extensive experience leading multi-national companies in the Asia-Pacific Region.